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A Little About Sparkes Home

The original aim for the charity was to offer refuge for girls who were victims of the Civil War or the tsunami. Sparkes Homes now help girls who are poverty stricken, abused, disadvantaged or at risk. Some children are referred by the social services and we provide them all with a secure homely environment, a good diet, clothing and pastoral care. The girls attend the local state schools (free to every child in Sri Lanka) and we offer extra tuition in the core subjects. Where necessary we also provide counselling.

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Website Design

Sparkes Homes have enabled over 500 girls to start new lives with vastly improved prospects. It was now our turn to help them grow their online presence and charity offering.

The new website is a welcoming user experience. Visitors will find the new site structure and navigation smooth and seamless. The enhanced imagery contributes to the online authenticity and credibility of their trusted organisation.

The key to designing the new user interface was to balance the multitude of valuable information with engaging imagery and breathing room. The palette from their new logo and existing newsletter was applied to each page in new ways, with larger banners and buttons. Key brand storytelling pieces like their values, history and stories were showcased on more spacious page designs.


The client liked the idea of design a simple map of Sri Lanka and incorporating their name with it. The brief was to modernise the styling and use the color palette from their established newsletter.

Open Sans is used as the main font to reinforce the identity and guarantee legibility in all media. The new logo features a bright red which is paired with a strong green that becomes a key feature of this brand.

Ongoing Support

We approach every web design project with passion and determination, from initial research and analysis to post-launch support.

We prefer that they focus their time on those who really need it. Our proactive approach allows the client to be confident their site will be looked after issues and the are staying ahead of the game.

Third Dimension has transformed our website.

We were impressed with the team's ability to empathise with the aims and work of Sparkes Home Sri Lanka and to enthusiastically design a website that linked in so well. The team led us through the process with great patience and we look forward to our continuing work together.

Juliet and Alistair Stoker

Sparkes Homes

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