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A Little About Paint Direct

Paint Direct is a leading supplier of quality branded and specialist paints to professional trade decorators, home painters and DIY enthusiasts. Competitively priced, efficient delivery and excellent customer service. A longstanding client that we have continued to support since 2007. We enjoy assessing their ideas objectively and proactively implement solutions to overcome challenges, increase user engagement, and ultimately drive results and sales.

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Website Design

The best relationships are grown over time.

Paint Direct came to Third Dimension asking that we build a new responsive website capable of showing off the vast range of products and colours they offer. They wanted more than a fresh coat of paint! Refreshing the aesthetics and creating an intuitive, responsive design were clearly priorities, but in fact, our goal was to create a secure, easy-to-navigate, feature-driven site that makes us all want to do some DIY.

Paint Direct were well aware how outdated their site had become and the frustrations of the end user. Through client discussions and strategy meetings, we began to design the site’s architecture. We considered the complexity of the requirements and each page was mocked up, analysed and streamlined. Our process and attention to user experience ensured a clean, intuitive flow throughout the website.

The development has provided an online platform that allows users to intuitively navigate the site, manage orders and quotes. We took the time to create customised business management solutions which have evolved their internal processes which in turn has given more time to be customer focused.

We loved the challenges of the project and bringing the website to the next level with modern development while integrating a responsive design.

Ongoing Support

Building and optimising a website is merely the first step.

We build websites that serve as a constantly evolving tool at the center of all future marketing efforts. Our relationship with Paint Direct has become a partnership and the website serves as our foundation for continued actionable strategies, ongoing marketing, and targeted content creation.

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