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A Little About ITC

ITC Malta is an international networking event for distributors, retailers, traders, resellers and wholesalers in the Mobile Phone and Consumer Electronics industry. ITC provides companies with the opportunity to meet and network alongside customers and new sales prospects in a relaxed atmosphere, one which is more productive than a traditional trade show and conference. We have supported ITC since 2011 and are responsible for the delivery of the whole event.

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Website Design

The website design was created to tie in with the brand identity.

Previous event videos and photos within the gallery section offer an engaging taster to support the sales team. Clear links define what the event offers to a delegate or a potential sponsor.

We are fully involved with the ongoing management of the ITC website, from content creation to page design and running the latest ticket promotions.


ITC was established in 2011 to trial a new type of networking to a very busy industry.

The event is well respected and the attendance is growing year on year. With an international client base it was agreed that the initial visual identity of the event looked dated. It was our task to create a more modern looking identity and review the typeface.

Muli is used as the main font to reinforce the identity and guarantee legibility in all media.

The new logo features a bright orange which is paired with a strong blue that becomes a key feature of this brand.

Print Design

To support the event and our sponsors we have created branded stationary, promotional gifts and marketing materials.

Research has shown that using traditional promotional materials lead to a better impression of the brand and the end user is more likely to do business with them.

We have had the privilege to support branding a variety of promotional products from energy drinks, luxury notebooks, keyrings, bottle openers, packaging, pens, sunglasses, lanyards, cups, hats, and towels – we are a team full of ideas on how to get the most out of your brand promotion.

Photography & Videography

We feel the clients that attend ITC are the best people to tell the story of the event.

Hearing from the people who have experienced it first hand is the most compelling. They communicate the environment and the opportunities that they have had in the most honest and accessible ways.

Video is now the most accessible delivery method currently available, but audiences can switch off branded content that feels too overtly message-led. Showing clients at ITC and the relationships they build is a highly effective sales tool for attracting more clients year on year.

Delegates Directory

We love projects where we can help shape how design touches all aspects of a business.

To support delegates at ITC we were tasked to create a printed directory of all companies, this was to help attendees meet one another and take full advantage of the event setting.

We set out to create a strong, consistent image for ITC that reflects and re-enforces the exclusive nature of the event. The colours, typography, imagery, adverts and voice all needed to evoke a premium feel and appeal to a target audience.

Event directories usually call for a different approach than then you might find on a traditional print marketing design job. Content tends to remain very fluid up to the print deadline and arrives in a variety of forms from many different sources, whether it is company bios, logos, adverts or schedule details. Over the years we have developed a specific production workflow for this type of job which embraces this unpredictability.

We enjoying seeing the directory through to print. By selecting a slightly heavier than standard paper wrapped in a perfect-bound cover imparts some added weight and texture that gives a real sense of substance.

The printed directory was supported by the online check-in service and an online version.

Ongoing Support

From start to finish we are totally responsible for organising the 3-day networking event held in Malta.

We love to get stuck in, we are a forwarding thinking team with loads of ideas. After every year we push forward with new development ideas, social media campaigns, digital marketing, promotional material and graphics. It is a team effort to deliver an event of this standard, we are proud to be part of it.

A huge thank for everything you have done to support ITC.

We are so impressed with your team's ability to plan an event from 1900 miles away. Every detail was considered and every issue was addressed efficiently and confidently. Your team helped to guide us every step of the way. Your contribution of creative ideas, business contacts, and personal time contribute to the success of the 3 day event. We look forward to working with you next year and would recommend your team to manage events of any size.

Edward Elliot-Square

Sales Director

Happy Clients We Have Helped

We are proud to have worked on so many great projects for our clients, read about some of the projects we have been involved with.

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