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A Little Bit About Cousins, an ecommerce website serving the horological & jewellery trade. Cousins have grown their online sales from 5% to over 97% whilst working with us; the site currently takes orders in excess of 9 million pounds a year. A longstanding client that we have continued to support since 2006.

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Website Design

Cousins UK came to Third Dimension asking that we take their outdated website and convert it into a modern design built for all devices.

Discussions of the personas with the client and analysis of their existing traffic supported the design phase of the project. B2B users are well educated in their services, we understood that they knew they needed the product but were perhaps unsure of what version of the product they required.

Our solution needed to make sure the site was easy to navigate and allow users to see all products available.


Cousins was established in 1969 to supply the occasional parts to other local repairers, today it serves the horological & jewellery trade internationally with the products and parts they need at a push of a button.

As Cousins have evolved into a global company with a wide range of products it was agreed that the visual identity looked dated. It was our task to create a more modern looking identity and review the typeface.

Myriad is used as the main font to reinforce the identity and guarantee legibility in all media.

The resulting logo the idea wasn’t to reinvent the identity but to improve on it the same way you improve a product.


Cousins approached us to help find a solution to make their in-house catalogue production more automated and presented in a better way.

First, our creative team reviewed the existing brochures to provide the client with a recommendation on how to best portray the product range. This included reorganising how key information would be presented. From there, we designed several visual concepts, working closely with the client to establish a new look and feel for the catalogue that fit their brand style.

The circular watchface in the company logo contributed to the final layout of the cover contributing to the clean, contemporary style. The palette, based on the department primary colours, was used to differentiate each product range and make it easy to quickly find relevant information.

The catalogue production was also streamlined to use custom templates set up to import product information and pricing from the in-house Microsoft stock management system. This allows Cousins to create a new catalogue at the click of a button, ensuring consistency with the brand and website data. This has saved Cousins a huge amount of time and money.

Ongoing Support

Supporting Cousins on a daily basis to keep the website fresh and secure.

We are responsible for developing, communicating and presenting ideas on implementing changes to increase sales and improve business processes, making the management team more productive. Continual development of online communication tools integrated within the site for customers to talk directly to the management team for online support, returns and claims. We also collaborate with third party suppliers of database management and Microsoft GP.

With the support of Third Dimension Cousins have grown their online business now taking in excess of 9 million pounds a year.

Using an off the shelf ecommerce platform was not an option for us. In turning to Third Dimension they developed a bespoke ecommerce website that suited our business model and processes precisely and have supported us on an ongoing basis as the online business has grown. We would have no hesitation in recommending Third Dimension to anyone looking to develop their ecommerce business.

Anthony Cousins

Managing Director

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