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Portfolio of Websites and Software Applications


Recent Projects

Click to view recent projects designed and developed by Third Dimension. Click to Open

Marketing Websites

The Internet is now an essential medium for extending the marketing envelope for any business. A company can have a website which is an extension of its brochure with details of the company, its products and services. Click to Open

Ecommerce Websites

The internet provides a fantastic opportunity to develop online businesses, providing the ability for consumers to purchase products online. Click to view example ecommerce websites designed and developed by Third Dimension. Click to Open

Business to Business Websites

Third Dimension has provided a number of applications for businesses and organisations, which use the Internet to enhance their effectiveness. For example, purchasing, tracking, account management, privileged information etc., for other businesses which may be its customers and/or suppliers. Click to Open

Towns & Community

We have supported local community projects, organisations such as the NHS and local schools as required. Click to view example towns & community projects designed and developed by Third Dimension. Click to Open

Branding & Advertising

When developing any marketing material, whether a website or a brochure, it is key to establish the brand message which needs to include the company logo and strap line. The design will follow this brand. Click to Open

Bespoke Software Development

Our team of software development professionals have extensive experience of providing bespoke software solutions tailored to your individual or corporate needs. We recognise and promote client involvement as the most important aspect of our projects, and encourage your participation at every stage of the development. Click to Open


Third Dimension has developed a range of products to meet internal management requirements from Time Management to Project Management and Commission Tracking. Click to view examples of products designed and developed by Third Dimension. Click to Open

Intranet & Extranet

Third Dimension has developed a number of successful applications for both government organisations and commercial enterprises such as NHS, MOD and Unilever. These can be confined to an internal local area network or available through a secure website. Click to Open

Education & Training

Third Dimension has developed numerous applications to support Education and Training, for universities, schools, organisations and businesses. The applications utilise a range of technologies to meet specific learning objectives. Click to Open
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