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Website and Ecommerce Content Management

The publication of your website is just the beginning.  For a website to be effective it is essential that it is maintained regularly. There is nothing worse than visiting a website which is out of date, or has spelling errors.  Your website is a business tool and we understand that you need the flexibility to use it to win more business. 

Third Dimension offers a full maintenance service following the development of a website, so it can be refined and adapted to changing business requirements. However, we understand that many of the required updates are relatively trivial by nature and therefore it is important to have a facility for easily updating the website yourself.

All of our websites are developed with a full, bespoke website Content Management System, which is web-based and available at any time.  You can therefore edit the website when you want to – no need to wait for website developer availability, and at no extra cost. 

We therefore provide the facility, designed for managers rather than “techies”  to do the following:

  • Web Access 24/7
  • Secure Log in
  • Multiple users with different privileges and log in
  • Add new content to expand your website (provides flexibility when writing)
  • Edit existing content (including correcting spelling errors)
  • Retaining consistent style using style sheets
  • No coding required
  • Add new pages
  • Expand or modify website menus
  • Add or Edit products and product categories (for Ecommerce)
  • Modify product prices (for Ecommerce)
  • Modify VAT rates (for Ecommerce)
  • Manage your business (orders, stock control, enquiries, invoices, receipts etc.,)  (for Ecommerce)
  • Modify Search Engine Optimisation content (urls, tooltips, headings, titles, descriptions, key phrases)
  • Adding internal links
  • Adding external links
  • Add testimonials
  • Add news items
  • Add or change images
  • Advertise vacancies


  • Websites
  • Ecommerce
  • Graphic Design
  • Software Development
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