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Town Websites

In 1997 we launched our first town website, www.yeoviltown.com.  This website was unique because it provided an interactive 3D model of Yeovil, allowing visitors to experience the sights and sounds of the town from their PC.  This website was so highly regarded that Third Dimension were awarded an e-commerce award by Intel. 

Following the success of the Yeovil town website Third Dimension were asked to develop a similar town website for Bridgwater, www.bridgwatertown.com and have since developed town websites for Sherborne www.sherbornetown.com and Milborne Port www.milborneport.com.

Our concept for Town websites is to provide a one stop directory for all the businesses and services within the Town or locality while providing an opportunity for organisations to post announcements on the town website.  The town websites are funded by a small annual subscription by organisations who wish to have a prominent entry including their email address, website links and the ability to modify their entry and post announcements.  All other businesses are given a free one line entry consisting of name, address and telephone number.

A key requirement for the success of a Town website is local networking and knowledge.  If you believe that there is an opportunity to develop a better website service for your local community please consider working with us.  Please contact us for further information.

Many of the Town websites include information from community organisations such as the Town Council, Town Centre Partnership and Area Partnerships. 

Community Websites

Third Dimension has also developed a number of websites to support other communities and a number of websites for organisations such as the NHS, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools.

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