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This section provides support information for our products and other services.

Support for 3D Viewer 
You may experience a number of issues when using the Interactive 3D elements on some of our websites.  These will vary depending on the version of operating system and browser software you are using.  Here are some answers to FAQ’s about 3D Viewer:

  • The 3D Viewer plug-in allows you to display interactive, real-time 3D worlds.  The plug-in is available for PC’s running Internet Explorer, and should be automatically installed when you first run any of our 3D applications.  The installation is a once-only process and should take around 90 seconds on a 56kbps modem and less than 10 seconds on broadband.  Once the installation is complete, you will see a progress bar indicating the loading of the 3D world;
  • Alternatively, you can pre-install 3D Viewer (See Downloads section below).

Please note: if you are running Windows 2000 or XP Professional then you must be logged in as administrator in order to install 3D Viewer.  Once installed, you can then view 3D worlds as any type of user.


Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Download Real Player

Download Flash Player

Download Shockwave Player

Download Microsoft Windows Media Player

Download 3D Viewer

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