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Institute of Psychiatry Removals Task

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Developed Using: C Sharp Icon Superscape VRT Superscape SDK

Third Dimension have developed an Interactive 3D application to support the Institute of Psychiatry in their work with brain-injured patients.

Incorporating the latest Windows XP user interface technology, as well as a state of the art 3D room planning feature, the Removals Task allows experimenters to devise a layout of furniture that must be cleared in a specified order by patients undertaking the task.

Building on some of the ideas developed during the earlier Arena Paradigm project, the application offers a replay facility as well as the ability to generate results that can be displayed in MS Excel, allowing rapid comparison of patient performance in different scenarios.

Professor Robin Morris, Head of Neuropsychology, King's College Institute of Psychiatry, University of London:

"This application has had several uses in developing new assessment tools for evaluating performance abilities in people who have brain injury.  The virtual reality approach enables us to try out new methods for rehabilitation in a controlled manner that simulates 'real world' activity, but without the attached risks. In this way we can more rapidly modify our rehabilitation methods. So far we delighted with this particular product and we are engaging in a number of new research studies using it".

Removals Task
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