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TCS John Huxley CADiView 3D Casino Designer

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The 3D Casino Designer was built as a tool for the TCS John Huxley sales team, who are frequently required to visualise layouts for new casinos. Having previously relied on hand-taken notes and sketches, they were looking for a tool that would provide a more realistic level of visualisation without being too cumbersome or time-consuming to use.

We designed and delivered a product that not only provided real-time graphical visualisation at almost photo-realistic quality, but was simple enough even for non-IT specialised sales people to use while discussing and agreeing designs with prospective clients. The product has proved extremely successful in allowing the sales team to quickly capture and visualise client requirements, and is a perfect demonstration that high-technology solutions can also be very easy to use.

After agreeing the initial specification, the product was developed from scratch in a little over 3 months, with regular client testing and feedback. We were also able to accommodate numerous feature additions and modification during the development, demonstrating the flexible nature of our process. Since being released in March 2004, the product has undergone regular feature updates and is now available from the TCS John Huxley website or in standalone CD-ROM format by request from the company’s marketing division.

The “CADiView” 3D Casino Designer includes the following features:

  • A categorised drag-and-drop warehouse of TCS casino items, plus custom objects such as tables, chairs, walls and steps;
  • The ability to move, rotate and snap objects together for optimal layout;
  • A palette of colours and textures to bring your casino layouts to life;
  • Collision detection to sub-millimetric level, to ensure that the virtual layout can be exactly reproduced in real life;
  • The ability to switch between plan, perspective and human views, and to build and customise the layout in either view;
  • A video control panel allowing you to record and playback walkthroughs for optimal presentation of your design;
  • Real-time spotlights for realistic lighting effects;
  • Adjustable security cameras with individual viewpoints;
  • Concise data formats allowing easy exchange of layouts between users;
  • A screenshot facility allowing you to print your design.
TCS John Huxley
TCS John Huxley
TCS John Huxley
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