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The “Virtual Visits” concept, introduced during the development of the Marriott Hotel website for Wiltshire LEA, was expanded for this major project, conceived and funded by Shropshire Education Business Partnership. The aim of the website was to provide a virtual work experience for Business Studies students aged 14-18 years, with an emphasis on the Leisure & Tourism sector.

Birmingham International Airport was selected as the host for the virtual work experience, and we spent several weeks creating a real-time 3D model of the airport, working from plans, sketches and photographs. We then developed a series of interactive tasks and activities for the students to undertake, using a combination of interactive 3D and Flash modelling within the framework of a data-driven .NET based website.

We received valuable assistance throughout the project from Andy Holding of Birmingham International Airport - who was able to provide important source material required for the modelling of the airport and the completion of the activities – and from teacher consultants supplied by schools within the Shropshire Local Education Authority. The project was jointly funded by Shropshire EBP, the West Midlands Skills for Clusters group and Birmingham International Airport.

The website was trialled in selected schools towards the end of 2004 and made publicly available in February 2005. We are actively promoting the Virtual Visits concept with a view to expanding it into other arenas and business sectors.

Access to this and other Virtual Visits sites is free for both students and visitors.

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